Extend your kitchen to maximise home value

There are many ways to add value to your home. Of course, a lot of these are as obvious as adding a bedroom, doing up the interior decor and investing in key features such as the boiler.

But one other way you will find you can raise the price tag attached to your abode is to extend its kitchen – an option that has been backed by an industry expert.

Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, explained there are certainly benefits to splashing the cash in this part of the house. You could hire a professional builder to carry out the work and ensure the job is of the highest quality.

Mr Leech suggested kitchens are of massive importance and a “big influence” when it comes to putting a value on a property. He went on to describe them as the “centre of the house”, so having a large and attractive space is a must.

“They are becoming an area not just for cooking, but also an area where [people] can relax. Having a good kitchen is a big selling feature for a house,” he stated, before adding that bathrooms are the second-most important room.

Should you be looking for maximum style in your revamped kitchen, it may be worth following the recent advice of Neil Shah, managing director of Stone Masters, who said white stone is a classy material to include within this part of the house.

As well as increasing the worth of a building through stylistic means, you can consider green home improvements.

“More and more people are carefully considering when they make an improvement that they can get all the energy-efficient measures they can into a property,” Mr Leech explained.

This could mean investing in solar panels, eco-friendly lighting or even a ground source heat pump.

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