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Famous tradespeople make it to the movies

Let’s face it people, it’s Friday, the end of the week, and most of you are already thinking about putting your feet up, kicking back with a glass of wine and getting into weekend mode. Us too. Therefore, every Friday we’ll be publishing lighthearted content that is easy to digest and won’t bother those pre-weekend brain cells. This doesn’t mean that we won’t go on about Rated People or home improvement topics, it just means our news are delivered in a more easily digested format.

We’ve turned to some good old youtube clips, to show you some good and bad examples of tradesmen. Tune in.

First up is Cable Guy from 1996. Do you remember this one with Jim Carrey, who turns out to be the electrician from, well hell? This is exactly what we’re hoping Rated People will undercut – dodgy tradespeople invading your house.

Second, it’s not exactly about tradespeople, but Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter before he landed the role as Han Solo in Star Wars. I think this LEGO version is a great clip as we’ve all seen the real George Lucas deal.

I know my third youtube clip is stretching it slightly, but surely the most famous carpenter of them all must be Joseph, Jesus dad.? While no film has been made around Joseph (please correct me if I’m wrong here), far more films have centred around Jesus. And this is my favourite one, Life of Brian. This clip shows what the clever Roman tradesmen have achieved (irrigation, the aqueduct, sanitation) , although it’s not so popular with John Cleese…

If you have more suggestions of  films with tradesmen, or if you know of any celebrities that started their careers as ones, do fill us in. You can tweet at us or post on our Facebook wall.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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