The Father’s Day Dilemma – socks, saws or spanners?

Dad’s like tools but maybe this year it’s time he hung up his hammer. Why not treat your Dad to a cold beer in the garden and let one of our trusted tradespeople do the hard work for him?

Father’s Day is always a challenge, what to buy the Dad who has a full tool kit? If he has a full set of Philips screw drivers, nuts, bolts and spanners then you’re probably running out of tool related gift ideas.  Perhaps he wants an angle grinder or a circular saw? By this time you definitely know it’s time to stop gifting him tools! With the obvious alternative being socks, or equally predictable items, fathers face a predicament; Bill Cosby described Fatherhood as ‘pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope’. Maybe it’s time to get him something he won’t have to pretend to love!

tools on red background

This Sunday is the one day of the year when we get to spoil our Dads but, having a tradesperson hang that new door or fix the bath panel, is a gift that will make him happy all year.  So it’s the obvious alternative to socks or a saw – take Dad to the pub while one of our trusty Rated People crosses a few jobs off his list of things to fix.

For a lot of home owners DIY ideas turn into DIY disasters and result in hiring a tradesperson to put things right. It is often a lot cheaper and less hassle to hire a pro. That simple lock or u-bend is never as simple as it looks.

The good news is that we can help you find the perfect person for the job. Get a Rated Person in for the odd job and fathers all over the UK will be relieved and happy to have Sunday afternoon off.

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