There are quality, local tradesmen in your area – and we can help you find them

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to find a good tradesman. The truth is, you don’t always know what you’re getting, but, with us, you do.

There’s more than one way to find a tradesman, word-of-mouth being a favourite, but that’s just 1 recommendation… how about 100? That’s right, 100 recommendations. Our tradesmen are rated on quality, reliability and value for money. They’re rated by thousands of homeowners just like yourself. Steve, of Haywood’s Roofing, is just one of our many 5-star rated tradesmen – he has an astounding 100+ ratings – click here to see his reviews for yourself.

By reading the reviews and ratings of tradesmen’s previous customers you can make an informed decision when you hire your next tradesman. We believe that the collective knowledge of our community of homeowners is better than 1 word-of-mouth recommendation.

30,000 tradesmen across the UK are registered with our service and 350-400 new tradesmen sign up each week, which means that it’s more than likely that some of our quality tradesmen are in your local area. Tradesmen aren’t always looking for work, sometimes they’re busy working on large projects, so they only look for work on the site when they have availability in their diaries – last month 7,500 of our tradesmen used our site to find work.

For homeowners this means that we do all the hard work for you, you simply enter your job into the online job form and we’ll put you in contact with up to 3 quality, local tradesmen who are interested in doing your home improvement job. Which means: no trawling through directories, no knocking on your neighbours’ doors asking for their tradesmen’s contact details, no calling endless numbers of tradesmen, no waiting until a tradesman has time to do your job. Instead, 3 tradesmen will contact you to arrange to quote for your job – when you want it done – then all you need to do is to make a decision, selecting the right tradesman for you.

And if it all still sounds too good to be true, why not give it a go? Post your job for free on and see for yourself. Once your home improvement project is complete, don’t forget to rate your tradesman!

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