Fit a new fireplace to stay on trend in 2012

Adding new features to your home can be one effective way of staying in fashion through the years.

In 2012, one of the most stylish options is to revamp fireplaces, according to deputy editor of Ideal Home Magazine Bernie Herlihy.

She said log burners and stoves are solutions that are very much in vogue as their popularity has soared in recent years.

“They’re a focal point and you can make as much or as little of them as you want. Gel fires and fake fires are definitely gaining in popularity,” Ms Herlihy stated.

Those looking to add an electric fire to their abodes could seek the services of a professional electrician to ensure it is fitted correctly and safely.

For more ideas on how to breathe new life into a property, the Ideal Home Show is taking place in London currently and will run until April 1st.

Ms Herlihy said there is no reason why new fireplaces and stoves cannot be part of several rooms, including bedrooms.

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