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New Home Move In Checklist

You’ve moved into your new property and made yourself at home. Before long, your thoughts will turn towards changing those awful curtains or going shopping for new cutlery and bedding.

While it’s important to surround your home with items that reflect you, there are more timely improvements that should really take priority. It’s no use spending a week decorating from top to bottom if you’ll need to take to the wall with a hammer later on.

Move in checklist

My move in checklist will help you target the areas that demand attention:

    • Boiler: If your boiler’s old and a replacement is on the cards, do it sooner rather than later. Hot tubs and luxury whirlpool baths move down the list if the boiler’s on its way out.
    • Electrics: If you suspect that the electrics aren’t up to scratch, have an electrician come around to inspect your home. A rewiring job can involve damaging walls so there’s no point applying a fresh coat of paint before you’re happy that they’re in good working order.
    • Pipes: Leaking pipe work and joints could lead to a flood later on, which will only ruin the hard work that’s been put into redecorating. Replacing water damaged furniture can also be expensive. I’ve found that it’s easy to get carried away with making your home look good but hold off on buying that new kitchen sink until you know how big the pipes need to be to connect it up. Bring in a plumber if you’re unsure.
    • Chimney: If your new home has a chimney and you’ve moved in the middle of summer, it might not be the first thing on your mind. Who needs a chimney in warm weather? Chimneys need to be swept annually to keep them safe and efficient but you should have it swept right away anyway, just to be sure. If there are any signs of soot buildup and damp, you’ll be glad you did.
    • Tiling: Look out for broken or loose tiles and replace worn flashing around any chimney stacks. You want to keep the water out of your brand new home.
    • Flooring: If you can afford it, laying new flooring can be a quick way to inspect your floorboards and make sure that there are no problems lurking below. Decent flooring lasts for years but it makes such an impact to a property – personally I feel that it’s worth the investment.
    • Windows: Wooden window frames need to be rubbed down and painted to stop them from rotting and warping in the rain. It can take as long to rub them down as it does to paint them but it’s important that you don’t skip this step. A lick of paint is a game-changer; it protects and makes things look good.

Once the basics are sorted, you can take the next step and change those curtains if you wish!


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