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5 Current Wallpaper Trends

Wallpaper has come back into fashion over the last few years, this began with wallpapering an accent wall, now the trend is to wallpaper the entire room and texture is back!

Top wallpaper trends


Floral is still one of the top wallpaper trends, mainly inspired by Japanese style orchids and cherry blossoms, perhaps because they are known for bringing good fortune and well being.

With a sense of gentle flamboyancy, this cherry blossom print wallpaper couldn’t be more on trend in mono-chromatic stone and graphite. Available from Wallpaper King for £16.99 per roll. I am feeling a sense of well being coming over me just from looking at this design.

wallpaper trends


Textured walls were so 80’s but after spending 30 years trying to remove texture from our walls, texture is back. Now designers talk about adding depth to enhance your walls. Where artex offered either stippled or swirls, paintable wallpaper comes in multiple patterns, including carved wood or moulded plaster.

Even Graham & Brown have a range of paintable wallpaper! Their new superfesco range is five times stronger making it perfect for high traffic areas, like hallways and staircases.

Even unpainted it can look great!

wallpaper inspiration

If your walls are in bad condition or uneven, paintable wallpaper can be applied to conceal these imperfections. Once hung the wallpaper can be painted in one or more colours. Although it will shadow naturally, for a more intense effect use faux paint effect, lightly painting the raised area with a slightly lighter colour to increase the depth of the shadows.


Strong graphics are in, bold geometric prints inspired by the 30’s, 50’s and 80’s are a total hit.

Ella Doran’s first wallpaper collection has retro appeal – think geometric shapes and 80’s colour and you’re on to a winner.

wallpaper inspiration

For some truly vintage appeal Laura Ashley have created a Pimlico Print wallpaper that would be perfect in a nostalgic bathroom. fashion wallpaper

Metallics and tone on tone

Metallic will always draw attention, whether it’s gold, silver or bronze it is sure to get notice, use accents of metallics throughout soft furnishings to keep the theme consistent and tied together.

Harlequin have an extensive range of metallic wallpaper designs, from bold and imposing to subtle and embossed.

modern wallpaperAnd if metallic is a step to far, tone on tone gives a dramatic matt effect, which is often better suited to small spaces where metallic maybe over whelming.

Matching textiles

Matching textile with wallpaper can bring a design concept together and create the illusion of more space. Whether its cushions or upholstery matching is in.

Emma Hack’s Wallpaper Collection takes it a step further…match yourself to your wallpaper – perhaps it’s slimming?

home wallpaperwallpaper ideas

We are sure Emma Hack had tradesmen queuing at the door to help hang her collection!

The are a few turn-offs when it comes to wallpaper, firstly, the preparation: stripping and priming before you have even begun, secondly, the pattern matching: this only comes with practice and practice usually results in wasted rolls of paper. The main benefit of wallpaper is that, nowadays, you can wipe it clean and therefore avoid re-touching paint every two minutes.

But if all this work sounds too off putting, don’t worry there is an alternative, get someone else to do it for you! We have 1000’s of highly experienced decorators who can match even the trickiest patterns and make sure your designer roll has a designer finish. Post your job for free on, we will put you in contact with up to 3 local, quality tradesmen who will quote for your job. 

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