Homeowners ‘focusing on kitchens and bathrooms’

In these financially tough times for many people, doing up your entire home is unlikely to be an option. Not many of us have the cash to oversee improvements in all rooms.

But that is not to say you cannot have a huge impact just by focusing on one or two areas, as bringing in a professional builder or decorator for the right jobs can dramatically alter the style and appearance of a property.

Mike Farley, group chief executive of Persimmon Homes, has issued advice that suggests most people are currently focusing their attention on bathrooms and kitchens, as these rooms have become the most important of all.

“We are seeing more and more fitted appliances coming into kitchens and meeting people’s aspirations and lifestyle requirements – more showers perhaps than baths,” the expert stated.

But it is not only having a shower fitted or a new sink installed that will do wonders for your home. Such moves can result in a more eco-friendly way of living, as you reduce your water consumption and gain from the reduced bills this should trigger.

Mr Farley went on to nominate lighting as another area that is hugely important to many of us right now. He said it is an “important criteria” when setting up a residential property.

“It comes back to the energy efficiency and good design will minimise [energy use], so we can use natural light wherever possible, rather than relying on electrical energy,” he explained.

Persimmon Homes recently carried out a study that found 33 per cent of people believe eco communities will be the norm in the UK in just 40 years.

You might find that investing in home improvements in the parts of your property detailed by Mr Farley result in not only green benefits but also an upturn in aesthetic appeal. With this in mind, why wait to have a positive effect on your address?

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