Gadget calculates green energy savings

Before hiring specialist tradesmen to install green energy options such as solar panels or a wind turbine, it is worth knowing how much a household stands to save from the move.

A new gadget aims to help remove the “guesswork” out of microgeneration by gathering data on weather conditions and showing users how quickly they will recoup their investment in green technology.

The Power Predictor could remove a major barrier to the wider adoption of renewable energy by showing home owners the most effective form of micro power generation, its inventor, Tony Hammond of Better Generation, told Fair Homes.

Mr. Hammond said the gadget is designed to be an “enabling technology to help encourage the take-up of renewable energy of a mass scale both in the UK and abroad”.

According to REUK, the Power Predictor logs wind speed and direction, as well as hours of sunshine and can provide up to one year of continuous monitoring from a single battery.

Data is stored on a removable memory card and can be downloaded via USB to a PC or Mac. It can also be uploaded to the Power Predictor website and used to compare different solar panels and wind turbines.

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