Gadget zone: better bedrooms

As we spend a 1/3 of  our lives in our bedroom, we better make it time well spent. Gearing up with the right gadgets for your bedroom might even make you want to spend even more time in the most comfortable room of the house. While these gadgets won’t rival Gordon Gekko’s den, they can at least inspire to a face lift.


1. Plug in your Mp3 or iPod and prepare to snooze. With the Mp3/iPod Memory Foam Pillow’s built in speakers, lullabies are once again on the cards. Don’t worry about sleeping on awkward speakers, you won’t feel a thing (or so they say…).

2. We like this friendly bee night light, which will keep young ones feel safe and sound at night. The bee switches on and glows when there’s movement around and is definitely more reassuring than a bee in its natural habitat.

3. This is the obvious bedroom gadget: the built-in TV bed. If you can’t tear yourself away from the living room, then a media kit in your sleeping quarters should be in place. This New York TV bed switches on and off as you push a button on the side of the frame, which means you don’t need to reach for the remote. A must-have? Maybe not.

4. As the days and night are getting colder you don’t want your feet to freeze. Schmooze around the bedroom with  microwaveable slippers and you’re set for the winter ahead.

5. If you don’t own an iPad or Kindle yet, but enjoy reading in bed, The LightWedge is for you. With its LED-light it glows up a page and evenly distributes light, which means you don’t need to keep the nightstand lamp on and disturb your snoring partner.

6. What better thing to have in your bedroom than an alarm clock? Not everyone rises early with the birds however, so strap on this Shake and Wake alarm clock and your wrist will be vibrating come sunrise. A plus is that partners or flatmate won’t be bothered and can continue to sleep tight.

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