Gadget Zone: gadgets going green

Gadgets can often be energy consuming and not environmentally friendly at all. Therefore we’ve had a look around to see what kinds of eco gadgets there are. Are they as high-tech as their energy stealing cousins? Can they compete with Q’s inventions?

Take a look.


1. Do you like to sing in the shower? The H20 Shower Radio will be your partner in crime as it’s water driven and will start playing as soon as you turn on the water. Connect the radio to the faucet and the radio’s built-in turbine generator creates the energy needed for the radio to function to bedside table standards. The water flow powers the radio and the last station and volume level will be stored for next shower visit.

2. While James Bond isn’t exactly known for his tea drinking habits, we bet Q enjoyed his cuppa. The Eco Kettle uses 30% less energy than a normal kettle and will boil the exact amount of water you need. If you need 2 cups, you’ll get 2 cups. Perfect reminder if you’re a water waster.

3. The Ovetto Recycling Bin is the best we’ve seen around for keeping your rubbish in place. No need to have one bag for plastic, another for paper and a third for general waste lying around, with the Ovetto you store everything in one bin with different compartments, including a central bottle crusher. The bin is made of recycled plastic, of course.

4. This might not be a gadget in the traditional sense, but it sure fits under the eco category. Forget battery driven and electricity consuming speakers, the Megaphone blares out tunes just like our forefathers did. With the ceramic iPhone speaker you slip your iPad into the mouth of the horn and the volume will be naturally amplified.

5. Camping season might be soon over (unless you head Mediterranean way), but this Wind Up LED Camping Lantern can easily be used in the case of a blackout too. The portable pop-up light includes a mobile phone charger and 1 minutes of winding (built-in dynamo)  equals 8 minutes of continuous lighting.

6. Save metal with the EcoStapler™, and do your bit for the environment. With a cutting and folding action, the stapler never needs re-filling and on top of it all, it fits in your pocket!

7. Leave this razor out on a sunny windowsill and the solar panels on the side of the razor will charge it, ready for use. In case the sun decides to hide in her clouds, you can also charge the travel shaver via the mains. Perfect for an outdoorsy lifestyle.

If you want to give your house an eco rehaul post your job on and up to three local, tradesmen will get in touch with quotes. Read their genuine ratings and pick the tradesman who’s right for you.  

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