Gadget zone: mini gadgets

Pocket-friendly, a space saver and innovative – these are the selling points of the mini gadgets. For this week’s Gadget Zone we abandon the super sizes and turn to the small world.

The Mini DV Camera is the number one spy tool. Not that we approve of spying on your neighbours, partners or siblings, but it’s definitely what Sherlock Holmes clearly lacked.  You can obviously also use it for more legitimate activities, such as interviews and holiday footage. In terms of bringing it on vacation, nothing beats this space saver, which leaves more room for maps, water bottles and other holiday paraphernalia. The camera has 2 hours recording time and the internal battery is rechargeable via a computer. Those pick-pockets won’t even know what to look for.

Another must-have in the mini category is mini-speakers. Again, great to bring on holiday or if you don’t have space to house mahoosive speakers that take up 1/3 of the room. The X-Mi X Mini II 2nd Generation Capsule looks like something from outer space, weighs 82g and can blast music up to 11 continuous hours. Connect it to an iPhone, MP3 or your laptop and take off.

This gadget might alienate the ones without iPhones 4, but it’s far too good not to include. Instead of buying a magnifying glass, you can clip on this mini microscope on to your mobile and suddenly you can observe your chosen object with a x60 zoom. With the iPhone’s photo function it’s also possible to snap photos of the magnified objects, which will be lit up by a built-in LED light.

USB cables are already small, but how often do you find one inside a mini LEGO? Pull the little man apart and a USB drive with a 2GB memory is revealed. The official product from LEGO is a 2-in-1 gadget, as it’s also a key chain. We’re awaiting with excitement other LEGO characters such as the Maraca Man… Or how about a tradesman?

While this mini cupcake maker isn’t mini itself, it does produce small cupcakes. Presumably, a good way to eat unhealthy things, while not overindulging in anything supersize. The cupcake maker has non-stick plates and comes with 50 cupcake cases and a decorating syringe. Let the frosting begin.

Devote your time to these gadgets and let the pros take care of your home. If you’re in need of a tradesman, post a job for free on and up to three quality, local tradesmen will get in touch with their quotes. Read the ratings posted by previous customers and pick the one that’s right for you.

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