Garden Design Ideas for Beginners

You may think that investing money in your garden, especially spending on garden design and landscaping, is strictly for green-fingered types who enjoy gardening. This may be true for some, but having a professional landscape your garden is also a real plus for those who want nothing more than to enjoy a cold drink or two while next door worry about mowing their lawn or weeding the borders.

An experienced landscape gardener can easily offer garden design ideas and build you a garden that requires as much or as little maintenance as you think you will want to undertake. This means that you can take pleasure in being outdoors this summer without feeling guilty about an unkempt lawn or shabby patio. It also means that you can pick and choose between flower beds, space to grow your own vegetables or simply something nice to look at.

garden design ideas

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The cost of landscaping will obviously depend on how much work you want doing, but this kind of work can start from as little as £200. A good landscaper will be happy to come over, discuss your plans and your budget and come up with a design and style that suits you.

Garden design ideas

One of the best ways that a landscape gardener can help with garden design ideas and deliver an easy to maintain garden is to divide the whole area up into smaller sections. This can be achieved through planting, the installation of hedges and low walls or raised beds. This gives your garden a sense of order and  does away with larger areas that can begin to look untidy.

garden designs for beginners

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Some areas can be kept for small amounts of planting, with decking, paved or gravel areas in between and pathways that lead to each section of the garden. These paths are made of slabs, bark or even wood chips, which will help to stop the growth of weeds. Liners below paths or slabs can  help to stop weed growth and lower maintenance levels.

Planting is the most obvious way that you can make your garden look good and by deploying plants at different heights your landscaper can create the illusion of there being more plants than there are. A good gardener will be able to advise you on which plants will last but also not need too much care. For instance, shrubs, herbs or verbena provide you with greenery and colour without the need for you to constantly renew them. Trees are also great for this as they offer you shade and privacy, as well as fruit. Make sure you get pairs of trees so that they can pollinate. They will also attract birds and bees to your garden. Your gardener can also install rockeries or water features, which will require next to no looking after but will still look great.

garden design tips for beginners

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Even growing vegetables need not be a problem in an easy-to-maintain garden, with your gardener setting aside small, easy to reach areas for growing or, even better, raised beds. These can be made from blocks, stone, scrap wood or railway sleepers, bringing the soil up to an easy-to-reach height which is useful for older homeowners and those with disabilities. There is no  need to bend down to sow, water and harvest and it also breaks up the garden, while being better at repelling pests.

If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to ask for plants that you can grow without too much effort, such as courgettes, chilli and potatoes. Your gardener will also be able to set up watering systems for you, as well as installing lighting, so you can keep an eye on your crop at any time of the day or night.

If you need help designing your garden, post your job in our Gardener category. Up to three tradesmen can contact you to quote and you’ll be able to view their profile pages, complete with customer ratings, to help you decide who to hire.

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