Garden for the Games initiative could inspire outdoor spaces

A new scheme called Garden for the Games is encouraging people to look to their outdoor spaces this spring.

The initiative has been launched by the London 2012 Organising Committee to spread the excitement of the sporting event across the country and a new webpage has been unveiled to assist those planning gardening activities.

Suggestions such as planting marigolds to mirror the Olympic Torch, red, white and blue designs for Team GB or creating the Olympic rings out of flowers could prompt people to hire professional gardeners in order to realise their ideas. “You can get advice and support from your local garden centre or nursery and pick the most pollen-rich, bee and butterfly-friendly flowers,” advised head gardener for the London 2012 Gardens in the Olympic Park Des Smith.

A recent report in the Daily Mail suggested that people are considering activities such as growing their own produce in the current economic climate in order to save money and provide them with a low-cost hobby.

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