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Phil Spencer’s Advice on Astro Turf

As a nation we spend more than £5 billion a year on our gardens! Sadly we don’t get as much use out of them as we would like, which is why – to maximise their usage – gardens should be an extension of your home. The space should work for you and your family, but also be in keeping with your home and it’s surroundings. Gardens can really add value to your home as outside space is one of the top three things people look for when moving house. Therefore, when developing, it’s important to bear this in mind and avoid sacrificing too much of your garden in exchange for more indoor space.

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When designing your garden you need to take into account a few factors: the direction it faces (when does it catch the sun), its size and the type of property it’s attached to. Keep in mind that when you come to sell up, a collection of family friendly accoutrements will not appeal to singletons or older people. Remember who your target market are – take a look over the fence at your neighbours’ gardens for inspiration.

Benefits of astro turf

I designed my outdoor space around my requirements, but I also considered what future buyers will be looking for. My favourite time to enjoy my garden is at the weekend. I want to have breakfast with my family in the mornings and catch some sun in the evenings. Kids and a busy lifestyle don’t fit well with maintaining a prized lawn and I confess, I cheat. I have fake grass in my garden! Astro turf might not be for everyone, but it works for me and my family. If need be, it can easily be replaced with the real deal for as little as £2.20 per sq meter when I come to sell my home.

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While the winter months may not sound like the obvious time to tackle a gardening project, undertaking the hard landscaping when you’re not using your garden much means that come spring, you’ll only need to worry about planting schemes and you can reap the rewards for the entire summer.

artificial turf

This garden could do with an injection of kerb appeal.

Cost of artificial grass

It can be easy to make mistakes, like putting down a patio that is in the shade at the time of day you wish to use it. This is why employing a garden designer can be worthwhile and often saves making costly mistakes. A consultation from a designer will usually cost between £75 – £150 and if you can spare the expense it’s worth it. Often their advice is worth its weight in gold and can vary between a simple plan to a detailed scheme of hard and soft landscaping. Garden designers usually get discounts and better quality plants than the ones you or I could source from a local gardening superstore. Not only does this mean they’re likely to live longer, but you can be more confident that the plants will be suited to your soil type and location.

Those of us who live in towns generally have to put up with small gardens. There are tricks to make the most of the space, sliding doors and glass walls opening up onto the garden draw the eye out, making the space look larger. Another trick is to keep the same material or at least the same colour floor that you have inside leading outside the garden, this will appear more like an extension of the living space and therefore larger.



Considering astro turf for your garden? Get expert advice from one of our qualified and approved gardeners and start enjoying a lower maintenance garden.

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