Older people value gardens in summer

Over the last few days the sun has finally made an appearance in the UK. Large parts of the country have been bathing under blue skies and high temperatures as the miserable weather of May and June has been forgotten in less than a week.

As a country starved of sunshine during the winter months, it seems many people here in Britain are desperate to get outside and top up their tans as soon as it shows its face. Beaches have been packed since the weekend, when conditions took a noticeable turn for the better. It is all a far cry from just a few weeks ago, when the Met Office confirmed this June was the wettest on record.

With many of us hoping the warmth will continue right through the rest of July and into August, it might be time to start thinking about exactly how you can make the most of it. It is all very well going for walks in the countryside, lying on the beach or even taking a short holiday, but there are plenty of times where all you will want to do is stay at home.

Therefore, you need to get your property in shape so that it is a great place to be in the summer months. The obvious place to start is the garden.

Saga Home Insurance has revealed that one in eight people over the age of 50 use their garden as a place to entertain guests, while in excess of two in three people in this group host parties at their home. On many occasions, these are with friends and colleagues but on others they are with family, as grandparents are typically the hub of any get together with relations.

“Nan and grandad’s appears to be the place to be for a family knees up, however grandparents also tend to be the family members with the bigger and more expensive collections of ornaments and furniture, therefore revellers ought to take care before conga-ing around the garden,” explained Saga Service’s chief executive Roger Ramsden.

In order to prepare for guests and family members, homeowners among you might wish to undertake a series of home improvement projects. By hiring a professional gardener, you will be able to offer pleasant and immaculate green surroundings, with impressive flower beds, eye-catching water features and a neatly-trimmed lawn.

As your parties take off, people will find they are able to relax and enjoy the environment you have provided them with. Of course, they will also be hugely impressed that you reside at a property with such a wonderful garden – and you do not need to tell them it is down to the hard work of your gardener.

Despite the cold and wet start, there is still plenty of the British summer left to enjoy, so hiring a local tradesman today will put you at the very front of the queue when it comes to hosting light-hearted social occasions in your garden over the coming months.

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