Hiring a Gas Safe Engineer

It’s Gas Safe week, so one of our members, PGS Plumbers, have contributed an article to explain the importance of using Gas Safe registered tradesmen. 

PGS Plumbers take pride in employing some of London’s best plumbers and heating engineers. These engineers are of the highest level of qualification and experience found in the industry, but what is core to their employability is the fact that they’re all Gas Safe registered.

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Gas Safe is a register of legally qualified gas engineers, who are entitled to work on domestic gas appliances. It is illegal for people not on the Gas Safe register to attempt installing or repairing any gas appliance.

The Gas Safe register replaces CORGI and has much stricter and well-maintained gas safety regulations. There are regular amendments made to these regulations that all members have to abide by to ensure the highest level of safety.

The dangers of gas appliances

Dangers don’t just lie in risks of fire and gas explosions, but in insufficient combustion that results in Carbon Monoxide (CO) spilling out into the air. CO is a very dangerous gas that cannot be seen, smelled or tasted in the air and has the ability to kill people within minutes.

Ask your tradesman to install a Carbon Monoxide detector close to your boiler, to warn you if you have a leak before you and your family are put at risk.

Why you should use a Gas Safe engineer

One of our top plumbers, Craig, has to deal with faulty boilers on a daily basis. He is a Gas Safe professional tradesman and prides himself over ensuring the best workmanship possible, abiding by the latest in safety standards. When a boiler has broken, Craig uses his expert knowledge to diagnose the problem. Often he starts with looking at the boiler’s ignition then will work logically around a boiler to pin point where the problem lies.

gas safe registered engineer

In some cases boilers are deemed far too dangerous for operation, and being a Gas Safe registered plumber entitles Craig, or any of our other London plumbers, to cut off the gas supply to the boiler or faulty gas appliance.

All of our London based plumbers and heating engineers carry advanced equipment to measure combustion inside the boiler and any leakages. It is now a requirement that landlords have Gas Safe checks carried out each year on their property and these tools, amongst others, are used to check for gas safety.

Get a full inspection 

Like all the PGS engineers, Craig is methodical and thorough when carrying out Gas Safe inspections. Often if a plumber or heating engineer completes the check in less than 10 minutes then they have cut corners and not inspected the property fully. A standard Gas Safety inspection from PGS Plumbers will take at least 30minutes and you will be presented with a certificate as proof of the inspection at the end.

It’s gas safe week and with all this cold weather forcing us to switch our boilers on early this year, it is likely that Gas Safe Week will have been a busy period for all of our heating engineers. To avoid your boiler breaking down this winter, get it serviced now so that it’s in tip-top condition this winter.

All heating engineers, including PGS Plumbers, are Gas Safe registered, so you know you will be receiving a quality service. For more information about gas safety visit PGS Plumbers website.

When it comes to advice we like to ask the experts – our tradesmen – if you’re a tradesman and you would like to contribute and promote your company, get in touch: [email protected]

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