Gas Safety week (10-16th Sept)

It’s not a shocking stat or an unlikely trend, but it seems that when it comes to boiler break downs British homeowners will never learn. Last year boiler related jobs between the months of August and October more than doubled. It didn’t surprise us, it happens every year when the temperature drops and everyone turns their heating on.

This is great news for our heating engineers, but not such great news for homeowners left without heating and hot water while they wait for their boilers to be fixed. 10th -16th September 2012 is national Gas Safety week which aims to increase awareness of gas safety in the home and acts as a warning for those who haven’t yet organised their annual boiler check-up.

Typically British weather is unpredictable and last autumn was no different. We enjoyed an Indian summer with temperatures pushing 30 degrees at at the beginning of October. This meant that the big switch on happened later than usual, during the 3rd week of October. We know this because it was our busiest week for boiler related jobs in 2011, we were swamped!

The ‘wait and see until I switch it on’ technique is popular in times of austerity, as we hope and pray that our old boilers will fire up once again. And when they don’t, the rush is on to find a heating engineer. To avoid the rush and the expensive of an emergency repair job, get your boiler serviced before the cold weather is upon us. This way you’ll know that when you come to switch your heating on, your boiler will be working properly and safely.

Only Gas Safe Registered engineers can legally work with gas, when it comes to gas appliances DIY shouldn’t even be a consideration. Charges for a routine boiler check-up vary from £70 to £100. Before you hire a tradesman to work with gas in your home make sure they are gas safe registered. Ask to see their Gas Safe Register ID card which has their identification number printed at the top of the card and embossed in the middle, you can check a tradesman’s Gas Safe Registered here.

5-star rated, GB Plumbing and Heating “strongly recommend you get your boiler serviced annually. A routine service will usually cost between £70-£100 and can save you money in the long run. It’s worth noting however, that even if you’ve had your gas appliances checked, your neighbours might not have. Gas can trickle in from neighbours’ faulty appliances via chimneys or through loft spaces in terraced houses, so I recommend fitting an alarm, as you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide.

“If you’re concerned, an easy and quick way to check if your boiler is in the risk zone is by checking its flame. If it’s bright blue, it’s healthy, if it’s yellow or orange, it’s time to call in a heating engineer for a check-up.”

Top 4 Reasons to carry out maintenance work on your boiler

1. Regular maintenance can elongate the life of your boiler, prevent the need to replace your boiler due to neglect

2. Faulty gas boilers can be dangerous and cause fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning

3. Annual tune-ups ensure your boiler is running at its optimum efficiency, to keep you energy bills down

4. Scheduling an annual service will save money on unnecessary emergency call-out charges

Don’t be sorry, stay Gas Safe.


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