Gas vs electric cookers

When choosing a cooker you are likely to be faced with the dilemma of gas vs electric, which is better? It isn’t a straight forward answer, it depends what you want from a cooker; performance, safety, value for money and power consumption, are all factors that will influence your choice.

If Fluffy, your prize Sphynx cat, is your top priority, then an electric induction cooker is the only one for you – to keep her paws safe when she walks across the hob. If you fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsay, then it’s gas everyday, if you believe the hype.

kitchen design with wooden furnitureImage from: House to Home featuring the Sonoma range from Marks and Spencer.

Here are the hard facts to help you make the right choice when buying a cooker.

Electric Cooker Pros

  • It is easier to control the temperature of an electric oven, they are often fitted with a fan which helps distribute the heat more evenly.
  • Easy to clean; ceramic hobs are easy to wipe clean, compared to metal risers on a gas hob

Electric Cooker Cons

  • Cost more to run than gas cookers
  • Hobs take longer to heat up and the temperature control can be difficult to manage
  • Convection ovens with fans tend to dry food out, especially cakes


Gas Cooker Pros

  • Gas hobs provide instant heat, evenly distributed around the pan
  • A gas cooker is cheaper to run. If you use your oven, grill and hob for 1 hour 2o mins every day for a year, according to Which, it will only cost £16 compared with £53 for an electric cooker, this equates to £222 over your cooker’s life time

Gas Cooker Cons

  • Gas ovens often cook unevenly because they rarely have fans to spread the heat around the oven, resulting in the top of the oven being hotter than the bottom.
  • Gas cookers are more difficult and expensive to install, this is because you will need a Gas Safe Registered engineer to install one


Gas hobs are favoured by the culinary set because they allow you to keep a close eye on cooking speeds, by simply looking at the size of the flame. The heat can be adjusted instantly and it is this quick control that makes them popular with the pros. However, if you are more of a baked beans and pizza kind of chef, it probably makes little difference, perhaps you’re more concerned with how easy it is to clean up spilt beans and in that case, an electric ceramic top cooker is probably the one for you. How to design a kitchen for cooking.

If children and animals are you main priority an electric induction hob that creates heat by creating an electromagnetic field, is your safest bet! Heat is created in the pan, not the hob, the hob itself doesn’t become very hot, so if little fingers or paws run across it, they will be safe, not sorry. Your basic aluminium pans wont do the job, you will need to invest in steel pots and pans – try sticking your kitchen magnets to the bottom of your pans and if they stick they will work!

Whatever cooker you opt for, make sure you get installed properly to get your cooking off to a good start. Don’t forget that if you’re having a gas cooker installed, it will need to be fitted by a Gas Safe Registered engineer – lucky all of our ours are qualified! Post your job for free and we will put you in contact with up to 3 tradesmen who will quote for your job. Review their ratings online and pick your perfect tradesman. 

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  1. Great article. Very informative indeed. It’s very important that before buying a gas or electric cooker, we should know and consider few things. For me, I prefer a gas cooker. It’s more convenient for me for I’m able to see how big the flame is when I’m cooking something, it’s true that it’s more favoured by culinary experts. But one the most important thing is, you should buy a cooker that you really like and that you will enjoy.

  2. As a chef I also prefer cooking on gas, however, if one lives in a no-gas supply area in rural parts of the country, electric cookers or solid fuel fuel cooking is often the only method. Modern electric cookers are vastly superior to their older counterparts however,

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