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Choosing and Installing a Fireplace

October and November are the most popular months for installing a fireplace. So if you’re thinking about having a fire roaring in time for Christmas now’s the time to get on the case.

If you can wait for a bit longer however, you might be able to find a specialist tradesman who’s able to work whenever suits you and your schedule. Data from over the last 12 months shows that when installing a fireplace, 17% of fireplace fittings take place in November whereas in December that number decreases to 7%. Always look out for an opportunity when tradesmen are seeing a slump in business as you might get a better deal.

installing a fireplace

There are lots of things to think about when it comes to installing a fireplace. The first step is to look at what sort of chimney you have (if at all), since this will decide what kind of fireplace you can and can’t get. Also bear in mind that the new fireplace should fit in with the rest of your interior, it can look out of place.

The next step is then to review what sort of fireplace you want (gas, electric or wood-burning etc.) as well as what material you prefer. Marble, oak, stone and cast iron are among the most popular, but as you can see from below, there are plenty of other options. And then there’s of course all the fireplace accessories…

fireplace installationThe Edwardian cast-iron fireplace is a beauty with its flower panel. It might be tricky to fit in a modern home, but if you’re leaning towards ye old look it’s perfect.

classic fireplace

A classic fireplace with clear, strong lines. The hand-engraved Osterley steel fire basket is the cream of the crop.

electric fireplaceThis minimalist fireplace is not your average classical , but it can still be a cosy centrepiece in a pared down living room. Its selling point is that it takes hardly any space.

modern fireplace

Another modern fireplace in Bolton limestone that looks great in a living room decorated with muted, earthy tones.

globe fireplace

The Globe fireplace is a relatively new player on the market, manufactured by the Swedish company Vauni. Certainly the coolest fireplace around, but we wonder how safe it is?

 If you need help fitting a fireplace post your job for free on Up to three quality, local tradesmen will get in touch and quote. You can read their previous customer ratings and pick the one who’s right for you. Keep the fire burning!

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