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Get the look: Broadchurch

It’s a month of finals and tonight it’s crime drama Broadchurch’s turn – with David Tennant finally catching the killer of little Danny Latimer. I’m a big crime drama fan and could talk for hours about how good it is. Normally I’ve solved the mystery ages before the big reveal at the end but this one’s still got me guessing!

(My money’s on Joe Miller by the way if you’re wondering…)

Image Source: David Tennant Image Archive

Murder aside, there was something about country living that got me thinking. I’ve written about how to get the country look before but it’s not really the countryside that’s the appeal here – it’s the seaside that’s a welcome change to the routine urban backdrop! The wonderful Dorset West Bay beach, the fresh air, the fact that the Jurassic coast has rocks with dinosaur fossils embedded in them…

As we all can’t up sticks to relocate and property prices are high, it’s far simpler to make changes to our own homes to bring the calming influence of the seaside to us.


Think of the sea and the first thing that comes to mind is the classic sailor look with the navy/red and white striped pattern that we all know so well. A simple rug will do but if you can’t bear to part with yours, there’s always the option to shift the look over to your seating. The sheer size of your sofa will create a dramatic look, so if you only invest in one item – make it this.

Of course, if it’s a tranquil bedroom that you’re picturing, you might not be so keen on a sofa. Little ones will love the classic boat bed – and there won’t be a Broadchurch baddie using it for transportation this time. All together now, “ship ahoy!”

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

When it comes to the walls, you’ve got the chance to make a big impression but you’ll need to pay careful attention to stop the room from verging on a child’s playroom. An ombre pattern in a cool tone, such as Saraille – Cobalt in Designers Guild’s Castellani range, is ideal. As the colours bleed into each other, you can almost visualise the crashing waves! It’s been high in popularity since Spring, so you’ll be gaining design credentials at the same time. Nevertheless, a handful of ombre cushions will be just as effective paired with white or sand coloured walls.

Image Source: LuxDeco

Round off the look with those all important finishing touches. Be transported to the beach in seconds with a glance at a framed seaside print. ‘Seaside’ by Photostash will give you the warmth that you’re after while Tiffany Scully’s ‘Seaside Serenity’ will work well with purples and greys – so you won’t need to ditch your accent colours for a bland palette. With over 35 artists creating affordable seaside prints in a range of styles, you can be sure to find one that suits you.

Everyone knows that you can’t go to the beach without coming across a pebble or two and a pebble based plant will work wonders on your windowsill. At only £6.29, it’s purse friendly and will sit comfortably alongside any DIY pebbles in glass jar projects that you might have going on.

And to help boost your energy levels in such a serene environment, there’s always the bunting. After all, it’s a regular for those street parties and weddings!

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