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Get the look: chalet-chic

Remember how snug you felt last winter, surrounded by pillows and cushions on all sides? Many of us forget that we’ve still got a few months worth of chilly weather left!

It can be tricky to rediscover the cosy factor once the Christmas decorations are long gone. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to hide those knitted fabrics away in preparation for the year ahead. Chalet-chic is in and that means textured knits are only set to get bigger as March approaches.

Play with texture

A knitted cushion or bedspread will both keep the cold at bay and look inviting. Natural materials like linens and wools always work well as the fabrics are heavier. As for colour, opt for creams and whites. These are reminiscent of the snowy alpine conditions and will soften the overall look.

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For a touch of luxury, scatter fur throws over the back of a sofa or drape at the foot of your bed. This is chalet-chic at its best!

Welcome nature

It’s always important to pay attention to your surroundings when you’re giving your home a makeover. If you live by woodland, why not incorporate some wooden furniture into your design plan? Investing in one item won’t create much of a look. Far better is complementing one item with another similar item. For instance, marrying a wooden dining table with wooden chairs and a wooden table in your living room. It’s all about carrying the look through.

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The easiest way to incorporate the wooden element, is to perfect wooden flooring. However, it’s worth remembering that wooden floors can damage the environment, so always check where your wood is being sourced from. The best flooring will have come from managed forest where tree felling is regulated and will be identified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) labels.

If authentic wooden flooring isn’t your thing (after all it can be prone to warping), faux flooring can replicate the look. If the underlying surface is concrete then I highly recommend faux flooring. If you opt for traditional hardwood, a subfloor will need to be built which will reduce the height of your room. Laminate flooring can be placed directly onto concrete.

Join the hunting game

Whether you’re a keen hunter or an avid animal rights campaigner (or maybe just somewhere in between!), hanging a few well-placed stag antlers on your walls will bring the cool hunters vibe to your home. If you’ve already invested in fur throws, this will consolidate the look. Best of all, deers lose their antlers naturally so whether you opt for real antlers or a synthetic equivalent, no animals need be harmed for the sake of giving your living room some TLC!

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They’re a big enough statement on their own but wind quirky little accessories around them and they’ll integrate better within the overall design scheme. Be warned though, you might need a manufactured coat rack to carry the weight of coats and scarves!

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