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Mad Men: 60s Furniture and Decor

Hooray, Mad Men is back on our screens! And with it, comes the return of that iconic 60s furniture and style. While we might not be so keen to return to the late 60’s – winter of discontent anyone? –  I certainly wouldn’t mind calling any one of these homes my own.

Don Draper aside, what I love the most about Mad Men is indulging in the brilliance of the set design. Each room has a warmth about it, helped by the burnt orange tones and frequent use of wooden 60s furniture.

60s furniture

Image Source: The Coolist

Fancy joining me in injecting our homes with a dose of 20th century character?

1960s furniture

Think Scandi style. Pick a sideboard that’s a design statement in terms of the clean-cut lines. The Loft sideboard from Heal’s shows off its linear credentials through colour blocking in rich tones. With a polished matt lacquer finish, its sleekness sets it apart.

What sets off a sideboard best? Why, a drink or two of course. Don Draper is rarely seen without a glass in his hand and it’s safe to say that he wouldn’t drink out of any old container that you could pick up in your local supermarket. That goes for any companions too. No, indulging in an alcoholic beverage was a mark of sophistication and whoever said you couldn’t buy it was wrong. Opt for chunky glassware and intricate detailing such as this Cumbria crystal tumbler from Liberty – set apart by its feather design.

mad men

Image Source: The Coolist

Nobody likes drinking in the vertical position, so furnish your apartment with cosy armchairs in rich mahogany shades. The darker ‘box’ armchair is a little pricey at around £4,837 but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives. Browse websites and stores stocking vintage products, such as The Old Cinema, which had the caramel leather club armchair on sale for £1650 a pair. If any products are out of stock, they work to source similar products for you so there’s a good chance of you coming away with a bargain. To lighten up, invest in shades of grey that have pops of colour. This Poet sofa designed by Finn Juhl is exactly what you should be hunting for.

Look round Mad Men’s interiors and you’ll find statement table and floor lamps in every direction. Ensure that your home is seen in the best light by investing in a vintage lamp, like this industrial offering from The Old Cinema. Choose a style with a cream or metal finish to give that true authentic look.

How do you know when it’s time to retire to your plush headboard adorned bed? By looking at your Starburst style clock of course. For a 60’s throwback, stick to metallic shades and search websites like Ebay for deals. I managed to source this Acctim clock for a mere £12.99 but if you’d like to go a bit more modern, pick an alternative by a company like Metro furniture.

Last but not least, you can make any home look warm but for it to feel warm, a rug is a real necessity. Burnt orange was the shade of the moment during Don’s era but as long as it’s shag pile, you’ll have it covered. The Rug House offer a range of designs from £47.47 to £189.96 – size dependent. Place under your dining table for instant luxury.

60s home decor

Image Source: The Coolist

You’ll have your Mad Men home before you know it!

Ready to makeover your home Mad Men style? Get expert advice from one of our qualified and approved painters and decorators to give your home a lease of 60s life.

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