Reasons to Get Your Boiler Serviced Now

With the current heatwave it’s difficult to think about cold autumn days and even colder winter nights. However, they are approaching and before you know it, the last weekend of September hits the diary and your boiler, in shock from being used for the first time in months, breaks down. The problem is that most boilers in the neighbourhood do them same, which means it’s impossible to find a gas/heating engineer. Dilemma.

Instead of waiting until last minute, get your boiler serviced now to avoid being left in the cold this autumn/winter.

get your boiler serviced

This time (April-September) is the most quiet period for gas/heating engineers, so you can probably expect to score a slot whenever suits you. Charges vary from £50 to £80 for a standard efficiency boiler and from £80 to £160 for a high-efficiency condensing boiler (providing that your boiler doesn’t need replacing). Bear in mind however that prices are different in rural versus urban areas.

Although it might be tempting to dabble with the boiler yourself, do not attempt high risk DIY, always get a Gas Safe registered engineer to do the job. Also make sure you fit a carbon monoxide alarm to detect gas leaks. Gas can trickle in from neighbours’ faulty appliances (via chimneys for instance), so it’s absolutely vital you have an alarm, as you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide. An easy and quick way to check if your boiler is in the risk zone is checking its flame. If it’s bright blue, it’s healthy, if it’s yellow or orange, it’s time to call in a heating engineer for a check-up.

Reasons to get your boiler serviced now:

  • Continuous maintenance work mean that you don’t risk having to replace the entire boiler because of neglect. Minor faults are easier to fix than major, and are less costly!
  • A faulty gas boiler can be dangerous and cause fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Make sure your boiler is energy efficient so you don’t have to pay higher bills than necessary
  • You save money on unnecessary emergency calls
The inaugural Gas Safety Week doesn’t kick off until September 12th, but we’re starting the celebrations early. Makes sure you do it too.
Post your job for free and find a Gas Safe registered heating engineer on now. If someone isn’t Gas Safe registered, they won’t be able to buy gas jobs on We check that they have certificates when they register and make sure their details are up to date. 

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