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Giselle Bundchen’s eco home

As a supermodel, you might expect Giselle Bundchen’s home to be an eco-nightmare. Where wealth’s concerned, we usually picture a home filled to the brim with expensive things that we don’t really need. Lots of giant flat screen televisions on the wall and more technology savvy products – perhaps encrusted with a diamond or two. When it comes to Gisele however, you wouldn’t be entirely correct…

As an ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, both her and her husband Tom Brady, are aware of the need to conserve natural resources like water. It’s a cause that’s close to their hearts and you’ll see that they practice what they preach when you have a look at their home.

Starting from scratch, they made sure that they asked their design and construction professionals one important question, “How can we make it as sustainable as possible?”

The result was this $18 million mansion in Brentwood.

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Over 90% of the construction materials were reclaimed and three quarters of the waste was recycled afterwards. They’ve erected a compost heap to cut down on food waste and keep chickens who often help out on that count with one added bonus – fresh eggs!

Image Source: Architectural Digest

They’ve upped their energy efficiency by designing a home with high ceilings and large windows, to let in as much natural light as possible. When they use artificial lights, it’s LEDs that they turn to, with their low-voltage system coming complete with motion sensors for that added privacy protection. (We are in a celebrity home after all!)

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Thick walls and double glazed windows up their insulation, which we all know does wonders for a home’s energy-efficiency rating. Gisele and Tom go one step further with their solar panels, putting energy back into the national grid while lowering their energy bills at the same time.

Image Source: Architectural Digest

As for the water, they haven’t forgotten the simple techniques that we can all do, regardless of our celebrity/non-celebrity status. Gisele makes sure that her children turn the tap off while they brush their teeth and scrub the dishes. She’s also implemented a gray-water system which reuses water from all over the house, whether it’s been swirling around in her washing machine or exited through her bath, shower or bathroom sink drains. You’ll find it making its way out into her garden, to help her plants and grass thrive!

Image Source: Architectural Digest

It’s a big eco-effort that doesn’t stop with food production. The family’s gray-watered garden is also home to a range of fruit and vegetables. With such an impressive build, it’s a shame that the property falls at the last hurdle. It’s impossible to be entirely energy-efficient but I’m not convinced that the swimming pool, moat or home lift were necessary…

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