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Give your nursery the royal seal of approval

Now that Kate’s pregnant, we can just imagine the questions that will be on everyone’s lips over the next few months.

Is it a boy or girl?

Will her baby be the next style icon, in a Madonna/Lourdes fashion?

Over here, I’m more interested in how her nursery will be fitted out!

Seeing as a tour of Kensington Palace will be very unlikely, okay impossible, we’ll have to make do with using our imaginations. Personally, I imagine that it will look a little something like this:

Image Source: an act of style 

The colour scheme lacks pink and blue of course, as the sex isn’t known…

The soft armchair equipped with a plush cushion is perfect for Kate or a nanny to rest while doing the night feeds, while the rocking horse? Well, that’s a gift from Granny Elizabeth. Not for using do you understand, merely to instil the love of horseriding upon the new arrival. Who knows, come 2036 we could have another Olympic winner on our hands.

Take a look at the ceiling and you’ll spot a regal chandelier. The room may be child-friendly but there’ll be no tampering with the classic Windsor charm. One thing’s for sure, HRH Prince/Princess ____________ will be brought up in style!

How can I get the look?

We all know that Kate had a modest start to life. But now that she’s the Duchess of Cambridge, she can afford to splurge out on top-of-the-end products.

It’s not all bad news for us common folk though! You only have to look at her fashion choices to see that she loves mixing high street and designer. Check out her Jenny Packham dress and LK Bennett shoes below:

Image Source: Stylist 

It goes to stand that her eclectic taste will extend to her interior design choices and make replicating a royal nursery pretty easy to achieve! What’s more, she’s young and fresh so I’m 99% certain that there’ll be no out of touch dark décor in sight.

Top of the list in any regal room is a chandelier. It has expensive written all over it and is a simple way to pull the whole look together.

While you might not be able to afford a £1000+ price tag, Ocean Lighting’s Marie Therese 5 light chandelier will give you a very similar effect at a mere £79.68. What’s more, there’s free shipping too!

If you’re a fan of wall art and decorative knick knacks, then La Petite Fleur Wall Plaque in Ivory Bisque is a statement piece which you’ll want to replicate. Personalised with the letter of your choice, the font and roses lift the plaque into royal circles.  Okay, it’s £123.69 but you can always add it to your gift list and encourage your friends and family to bunch together.

Every mother knows that a nursery has to be practical as well as stylish and investing in a dresser will be well worth your time. This Uptown Changer prices in at £746.18, with the black detailing adding a touch of class to the piece. As fans of her university catwalk will testify, Kate may be elegant but she’s sure not boring!

The focal point of any nursery will be the crib (and it’s also the place where your baby will spend the most time)! For this reason, it’s worth spending a little more on this item. The Kathy Ireland Princess Garden Sleigh Crib prices in at £590.93 with free shipping and its convertible nature from crib right through to full-size bed makes it very good value for money, lasting you year after year! It’s worth investing in some black paint to carry the black through from the changing dresser to really seal the look.

Last but not least, welcoming your baby with a soft yellow blanket will give you maximum Duchess points. Priced at a purse-friendly £8.50, eco-friendly Prince Charles would approve…

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