Could a glass box be the ultimate home improvement?

If you own your home you will no doubt spend plenty of time thinking of ways to improve it, to make it more comfortable and, eventually, more attractive to prospective buyers.

Should you live in a particularly beautiful part of the UK, one idea that may well be worth exploring is that of adding a glass room to an abode. That is exactly what Jon and Zanna Christie have done at their dwelling overlooking the Firth of Tay in Fife, Scotland.

Mr Christie told the Guardian they had planned to build a balcony before the intervention of architect Wil Tunnell of WT Architecture. “Wil pointed out that a cold, north-facing balcony might not be the best way to enjoy the view. So he went away and came up with the idea of a glass box,” he stated. Now the pair are able to enjoy unhindered views across the river at all times, while features such as ceiling lights and padded chairs add to the comfort levels.

Lesley Taylor, interior designer and design director at Taylor’s Etc, recently said that Britons are starting to use more luxurious materials in home improvements, particularly in the bathroom.

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