Glazing ‘must conform to building regulations’

Glass used in windows in residential property must comply to building regulations, one expert has said.

Responding in the Daily Telegraph to a letter from a reader, Jeff Howell has said that all glazing in the home must conform to rules on thermal insulation.

This entails that at least one of the panes in each double-glazed window must be coated with a low-emissivity, or “low-e”, substance.

Usually applied to the cavity side of the pane, this layer has the effect of making the surface of the glass slightly rougher.

A bi-product of this is that it can distort the light coming through the window, giving a hazy appearance to the feature.

Unfortunately, Mr. Howell added, there is not yet a way to remove this effect, although there have been technological developments in glass, including Pilkington’s Optiwhite low-iron panes, which do not have the green tinge of traditional windows.

The expert also recently advised on the building regulations that apply to the airing of a home.

He stated that every residential property was required to have basic background ventilation.

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