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Geometric Home Décor

This season has turned the spotlight on interior design’s main ingredient – geometrics. When it comes down to it, geometrics are literally the regular lines and shapes which combine to create a look that’s pleasing to the eye.

Normally, lines and shapes combine in an almost effortless manner. We don’t pay much attention to how they work together but rather let them fade into the background. But right now, something’s changed. It’s all about celebrating their form and letting them stand out!

geometric home decor

Image Source: Interior Design

While I love statement designing, this time I want to show you how to create a more subtle look. With the right amount of attention, the designer in you can create a look that rivals any flamboyant display.

Geometric home decor

The ottoman and sideboard

Take the ottoman. Because of its central positioning, it will always be eye-catching, however small in size. My top tip is to select an ottoman with a glass top as it will reflect the print and allow it to travel further within your room.

geometric home accessories
Image Source: angel in the north

Another option is to play with lines through your sideboard. The common misconception is that the larger the item, the more extravagant your look will become. While this can be the case, it doesn’t have to be.

Working with neutral tones will produce a softer and calming result. The strong form when combined with a lighter colour increases the many possibilities for your look. For instance, a partnership with cream can be easily carried through from living room to bedroom, whereas a passionate red used minimally in the bedroom will lean towards the tacky in the bathroom. Building up layers through experimenting with texture is enough to give that lighter colour the extra wow factor that you seek.

geometric furniture
Image Source: Pinch Design

Staircase structure

Teaming functionality with style, the geometric home decor trend comes alive through a kitchen splashback. A repeated staircase formation ticks every box while keeping the look to one wall. It’s not overpowering but it is tasteful!

geometric interior design
Image Source: Home Klondike

If you would rather keep your staircase to the working kind, highlight its natural geometry by painting the stairs themselves or the edging running vertically down the steps. Viewed from the side, a pop of colour will highlight the clean lines at work in your home.


Last but not least, if painting your steps or installing new splashback fills you with fear, take it back to basics and update your lighting. Lower hanging lights can completely make a room, pinpointing the area’s focal point. Hung over a table, a geometric print lamp will draw you to the dining table, making it easier to get your family away from the TV and sat down for dinner…

contemporary home decor

Image Source: Houzz

Ready to makeover your home with a trendy new geometric look? Get expert advice from one of our qualified and approved painters and decorators to give your home a new lease of life.

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