Homeowners advised to go green

Homeowners around the UK have been advised there are a number of ways in which they can go green and improve the energy efficiency of their property.

Charles Dowson, founder of Be Energy Smart, has issued some advice on the subject, recommending people act quickly and effectively if they wish to take advantage of the numerous benefits of installing eco-friendly solutions and reducing their carbon footprint.

He picked out two features that he believes are at the very forefront of the green home improvements market and should be given the most consideration of all. These are insulation and low-energy lighting, both of which can be added to a home relatively easily and affordably.

Indeed, some Britons might wish to enlist the services of a builder or other tradesman and have them fitted immediately. Mr Dowson said people who do not have loft insulation in this day and age are “completely mad”, as he suggested it is likely to provide the quickest payback of any green feature.

Turning his attention to lighting, he stated: “So much money is wasted on the old filament lights, whereas for just a small amount of money you can get a really quick payback. Over and above that, things like draught prevention [can help].”

Mr Dowson is far from the only expert to have backed green home improvements in recent times. Gordon Miller, co-founder and sustainability and communications director at Sustain Worldwide, also said it is worth focusing on this area, although he suggested the government must be careful when it comes to making these upgrades compulsory.

The clamour to go green might even be so great that builders and electricians find they struggle to keep up with work and the government’s feed-in tariff regulations.

But to consumers, all that matters is investing in the very latest environmentally-friendly solutions, so that they are at the head of the queue when it comes to meeting eco guidelines and forcing their gas and electricity bills down.

Post your eco-enhancing job on and wait for local tradesmen to get in touch with their ideas and quotes on how to make your home better for its surroundings.

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