Going ga-ga for gardening

Is it possible, has horticulture become trendy? Has the haughty label been swapped for hot? Has the UK gone ga-ga for gardening?  It sure looks like it. This weekend the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show wraps up, leaving people full with inspirations and aspirations. However, HCPFS is a bit old school. Don’t get us wrong, we like the show gardens and the installations, but it’s simply on a higher level than we’d ever dream of achieving. I own a half-dead orchid, Charlotte doesn’t know the names of her plants. We’re on that level.

I might not have the greenest of fingers but I’m a huge fan of guerilla gardening – an international movement that’s “a growing arsenal for anyone interested in the war against neglect and scarcity of public spaces as a place to grow things“. Guerilla gardening is not about creating immaculate herbaceous borders or displaying perfectly pruned peonies, it’s about creating greener spaces in urban environments. Something we all can benefit from whether it’s for environmental or aesthetic purposes.

I’ve dug out some youtube clips that will have us turn our back against haughty horticulture and embrace a more relaxed approach to gardening. I’m all for anarchy among anemones. The clip below shows a concrete space in Stockholm being taken over by guerilla gardeners. Could this be an idea for the 5th plint at Trafalgar Square?

I’m also all for butterflies. We’ve reported that bees are becoming extinct, but butterflies are unfortunately a threatened species too. By creating greener spaces and growing our gardens, we can also help these little guys. This soundtrack is quite majestic too.

This clip shows that even Hollywood stars need a bit of gardening help. Bless Tori Spelling and her husband who want to grow an organic garden and feed their family. Questions like “Can I plant strawberries?” and “How do I know if it’s dead or just not blooming?” are straight to the point and if this doesn’t show that gardening is for everyone, I don’t know what will. While we all want to create landscape gardens like Capability Brown, starting out with herbs is no mean feat.

If you need a bit of gardening help, post a job on Rated People for free and get in touch with a quality, local gardener.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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