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Have a brighter Christmas with neon

Red, white and green can only mean one thing – December 25th is on its way! But how about neon brights? Summer, you might think, but no, I’m afraid you’d be wrong this time! This year, The Conran Shop has shaken things up to bring us an entirely different colour palette to work with this Christmas. If you’re bored of the classic seasonal decorations, you might want to take a note out of their design book and lighten things up a little…

Image Source: floudeau

Neon pinks, oranges and greens are everywhere, from crackers to candles, inspiring us to take a different approach to table laying in the dining and living room. If you’re keen on DIY, you could even extend the approach to the white surfaces themselves, in a similar manner to Moloform’s ‘Squid Cabinet’. Their professional take on the acidic splash would set you back £1600/1700 (furniture included) but it’s one to marvel at and replicate if you’re brave enough!

Image Source: Freshome

What’s evident is that the creative minds at Conran have thought long and hard about how to decorate in keeping with the modern home. White has played a large part in our home decoration in recent years. It’s fresh and loved for the purity that it brings to a room. In various degrees, we’ve indulged in white furniture, from kitchen units to chest of drawers and stuck to the neutral shade on our walls. It’s had few complaints to date but it has caused the more adventurous among us to rethink our winter colour schemes before December hits.

Image Source: WGSN

White goes with anything but the traditional green, red and white combination doesn’t necessarily show it at its best. Personally, I think the colour blend is most effective in properties which incorporate lots of wood (the darker the better) and I’m often spotted gazing longingly at those cosy cottages which mix and match Nordic and other wintry prints and textures like they’re going out of fashion.

For those who have fully embraced the neutral shades, I’m all for adding a large dose of colour into the mix to liven things up. Christmas has merriment at its heart and it would be difficult to stay miserable for long if you were surrounded by colour popping brights on all sides. They bounce off each other to bring each room alive – pink walls and giant perspex decorations optional of course.

Image Source: Life.Style.Etc

Everything’s larger than life and glowing cacti takes the place of conifers, along with disco balls. The giant plexiglass snowflakes prevent the ceiling from feeling left out and my bet that these were display only left me empty-handed. I’m pleased to say that we can snap them up in orange, red, blue and yellow!

Image Source: The Conran Shop

There’s nothing stopping us from replicating the look from top to bottom after investing in fluoro items from the Conran range and a sneaky peek revealed that there are many products which aren’t on display in these images. You might like the look of the blue angel decoration, or the yellow reindeer, for instance. I only wonder how many of us are ready to make such a big switch!

Does the brighter side of Christmas appeal to you or will you be sticking to the traditional Christmas decorations this year? Let us know by commenting below or getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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