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According to our unbiased (he doesn’t play golf) Director of Research Chris Burke, tradesmen like golf. Conveniently a few of the Rated People team also like golf. Notice the word like. Of course Chris was right, a lot of our tradesmen do like golf, along with Tariq, Marek, Megan and few more of us lot. What the research didn’t find out was whether or not our tradesmen (and the staff at Rated People) are good at golf. After a day spent golfing around earlier this summer with 30 tradesmen at Chart Hill’s Golf club we concluded that we’re a mixed bunch.

But it was felt, by some, that this wasn’t conclusive. So we held a second golf event with some tradesmen from the Birmingham and Bristol area, at The Forest of Arden Golf Club.

Again it was a mixed affair, which included the good, the bad and the ugly!

This is Marek, our Director of Brand & New Business, an enthusiastic player with a handicap of 28. Despite taking on average 3 minutes and 25 seconds to set up a shot (2 mins of which includes him shuffling) he is known to the Rated team as a ‘bandit’. We’ll let you judge what category he falls under (good, bad or ugly).

Here are the teams, each featuring a representative from Rated People.

‘The Divots’, who re-landscaped the course (free of charge).

‘We’re In Trouble’ – the name says it all!

Team ‘Core Centre’s Rated People representative, Duncan from our customer service team (on the right), lost his ball (a lot). Consequently he spent a lot of time looking for it, but forward thinking Duncan dressed appropriately and luckily his team never lost him!

‘The Bogeys’ apparently scored a birdie on this hole, thanks to a great team effort. Although we didn’t actually see it…

‘First out of the Trap’ was kept in check by Megan, the newest member of the Rated team – we thought we’d throw her in at the deep end.
 Crazy Canucks (the Canadians). We kept these two together, to keep them out of trouble.
Self named, ‘Save the Best to Last’ actually turned out to be the winners, (cough) bandits!
Chris loves research, oh yes. So we’re having a third and final golf event at the end of the summer in the Manchester area (so Chris can triangulate the data and conclude that tradesmen are good at golf and that the Rated People team are bad at golf).

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