Great lighting could be worthwhile home improvement

Britons’ looking for ways to give their homes a new lease of life should perhaps look towards the latest lighting technology.

Natalie Timmerman, spokeswoman for Light IQ, has suggested that lights can provide both an attractive and practical option in and around residential properties. For instance, investing in a bulb that will be located by the front door is a good move, as it will ensure people can get into their abodes quickly and easily. This should also prevent unwanted callers from knocking at the door and disturbing a family.

“If exterior security floodlights are fitted, it is important to incorporate the facility of over-riding them when not required, so that the more comfortable decorative lighting is not spoiled,” Ms Timmerman stated.

Alan Hughes, faculty director in architectural interior design at, recently told how lighting can be extremely important when it comes to bringing out the best in different shades within a room.

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