Green drive could be good for builders

Builders in Manchester are among those in the construction industry hoping that signs of a growing demand for green homes continue to evolve.

Gordon Miller, co-founder and sustainability and communications director at Sustain Worldwide, explained that the eco-friendliness of a property is becoming a crucial factor to the public. He suggested that more and more people are realising the benefits of going green.

“The significance of true bottom line – environmental, social and economic – sustainability has yet to register with the wider public, but it will in time,” Mr. Miller stated.

When it does, builders around the country could be in demand, as homeowners seek a raft of changes and improvements to their abodes. The expert added the feed-in tariff is one scheme that has made individuals more aware of the need to go green.

It was recently announced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills that a Green Construction Board has been set up to promote eco benefits in the building sector.

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