Could green home improvements make up for lack of energy price reductions?

With the final round of price cuts being made this week by British energy firms, it could be time for homeowners to take matters into their own hands by investing in eco-friendly home improvements.

Scottish and Southern Energy is dropping its gas price by 4.5 per cent or £29 from March 26th, but consumer site has suggested it could be the last reduction for some time.

Despite power providers offering a wave of cuts in recent weeks, they come on the back of a 21 per cent hike since the end of 2010, with the subsequent reductions totalling only 3.2 per cent.

It was recently suggested by the website that Britons are coughing up an extra £6 billion a year as a result of not yet joining the green revolution.

The average household is now paying out £1,252 a year for their energy. Those who wish to lower this amount could do so by investing in green home improvements, such as the installation of solar panels.


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