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Grey goes red hot in interior design

Although once considered drab and dreary, it appears grey is the red hot colour for the winter, according to one expert. Janet Eavenson of Leonard Provence Interiors said its popularity is growing “stronger and stronger”.

Indeed, she added it is fast becoming the colour of choice for not only accessories but also walls and ceilings. “Right now, people are using greys in entire rooms and I’ve noticed that it has really changed even in the past year,” she commented.

Another hot trend for interiors that is set to “explode” in the UK over the winter is all things geometric, Ms. Eavenson said. Unusually, the penchant for “huge, oversized geometric patterns” in decorations and carpets has been imported here from the US, instead of developing in Britain.

This can make it a challenge to find the hot geometric items right now, as they are yet to filter down from high end suppliers to more affordable stores. According to Everest, 11.9 million people plan to decorate their home over the next 12 months and they will spend an average of £1,326 each.

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