Hang up your tools – get those pictures lined up

Whether you’re going for minimalist or chintz, well designed and well placed touches around your house are what makes it feel like a home.

Hanging pictures, prints and mirrors on your walls can bring a space to life, here are some great pieces to add that lived in touch to your home without breaking the bank.

1. Retro wash hooks 2. Gold framed blackboard 3. Deer head wall art 4. Art Deco tile hooks

All available from Not On The High Street

If you have been holding off putting hooks in your walls because your landlord said ‘only if you do it properly’, or if you’re like me and tend to do a bodged job, or rumours of mirrors too heavy for stud walls was enough to put you off, we have the solution… get someone else to do it for you!

For the time being why not dangle, rather than hang, something light hearted and adorable, these fun string lights are from Not On the High Street.

If you’ve just moved house you undoubtedly have numerous items that are in need of becoming permanent fixtures. Combine a few jobs and get one of our tradesmen round to line up those picture hooks and square off that hanging rail. There is nothing worse than pictures hung at different heights and shelves on a slant. No average Joe can be blamed for these faux pas, they say ‘a bad workman blames his tools’, well people like you and I just don’t have the tools to blame. Instead get someone who owns a spirit level and a right angle square in to deal with the geometry of hanging and hooks!

Often the result of hanging DIY jobs result in shoddy rather than shabby chic. The types of hooks and attachments required depend on the surface/wall you are attaching something to and the weight of the item. A professional has the right hooks and knowledge to do this right first time – you wont have to hang that extra picture to hide the missing plaster, that detached itself as you hit the wall with the hammer rather than the nail.

It’s all in a days work for one of our Rated tradesmen so post your job for free on before you get any DIY ideas in your head for the weekend.

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