How to have a greener winter

For many homeowners, alongside reducing energy bills, eco is top of mind. The good news is that reducing energy usage and reducing bills come hand in hand. Here are some top, green ways, to save energy in your home this winter.

piggy bank

Turn the thermostat down

Turn your thermostat down by just 1 or 2 degrees and you could save a significant amount of energy – up to 10%. Ideally the temperature should be kept as low as it is comfortably possible, between 19 and 21 degree Celsius is recommended.

Reduce the heat

By turning your hot water heater down to 60 degrees you can save money and energy.

Pellet stoves

Described as the wood burners cousin, these are a great alternative to oil, electric or propane heating and costs up to 50% less to run. The pellets are made from peat and wood shavings, they are burnt in place of wood or fossil fuels to heat water, which then heats the house.

Fill in the gaps

Prevent your home from loosing heat by filling in gaps and cracks with caulk and prevent draughts by weather stripping gaps in doors and windows.

Double Glazing

Windows are the guiltiest culprit for heat loss, if you windows are in bad repair consider installing double glazed panels. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best: draw curtains at dusk to keep the heat in – this is one of the most effective ways of reducing heat loss through windows and also the cheapest!

Paint it

Thermilate is a paint additive that gives paint insulating properties. By adding this product to paint you can cut heat loss through walls and ceilings and reduce energy bills. It can be used in most paints but check with your decorator first.

If you’re looking for a tradesman to help you winterproof your home, post your job for free . Up to 3 tradesmen will contact you, read their reviews online and select your perfect tradesman. Once the work is complete don’t forget to rate him/her!