Heat pumps offer “immense” energy savings

In a world where there are so many ways to give your home an environmental boost, arguably none is as great as the prospect of adding ground source and air source heat pumps.

Derrick Wilkinson, director of Gr33n, has assessed the pumps and said the pumps boast the potential to trigger “immense” energy saving. Of course, the consequence of cutting back on the amount of gas and electricity you consume is a reduction in the bills you will pay to providers.

The expert explained that a ground source heat pump is a tool that can be installed in place of an existing heating system. Pipes are drilled into the ground and heat is absorbed from the Earth. The pump condenses it and runs it through the home, negating the need for gas or oil.

An air source heat pump works in an extremely similar way, but it drags in heat from the air rather than the ground. It can be used to fuel central heating and hot water systems within your property.

“Obviously the energy saving is immense if you compare it to prices like oil. It only runs on electric, which is billed at ten or 11 pence [per kilowatt hour] at the moment, whereas oil is up at 70 or 80 pence [per litre]. You’re also protecting yourself for the future as gas and oil prices go through the roof,” Mr Wilkinson explained.

In terms of home improvements, it might just be one that pays to invest in at this stage. Calling upon the services of a local tradesman could ensure the equipment is fitted in the right way, with an expert likely to be your best bet for getting the pumps up and running.

Another green home improvement was recently put forward by Ian Hall, head of sales at Granada Secondary Glazing, who said adding secondary glazing to a home can help to reduce heat loss by about 85 per cent.

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