Heat pumps are ‘hot property’

Heat pumps are reportedly a worthwhile investment, particularly during the recession.

Recent research from Consumer Focus has found that two-thirds of people received a larger winter fuel bill than expected – and a heat pump may be the answer for these people.

Richard Thickford, a spokesperson for Ice Energy, a ground source heat pump company, says that demand from developers has quietened down recently, but there is still a lot of interest from private homeowners.

He states that 60% of Ice Energy’s business is retro-fits, where consumers upgrade an old system to make their residential property greener and more efficient.

“A heat pump is 400% efficient whereas a gas or oil boiler is 70% to 80% efficient – you are using an awful lot less fossil fuel to run it and you therefore increase the efficiency,” argues Mr Thickford.

The UK wastes around £6.8 billion a year on energy, which is equivalent to £113 per person, according to figures from the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes.

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