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Helping apprentices build their futures

At Rated People, we’re passionate about championing tradespeople and supporting the newbies! Everyone starts out somewhere, and we want to make sure that today’s apprentices get where they want to be in the future.

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Apprenticeships are based on commitment. They’re a two way street between employers and apprentices over a four year period.

Apprenticeships vs university

University fees have reached enormous amounts. For many people, that means university may no longer be a desirable or accessible route. Financials aside, not everyone wants to bury their head in a book for 3 years; fortunately apprenticeships are on the rise!

Building your business post-apprenticeship

Completing an apprenticeship is one thing, building a business is another. One of the main problems for newly qualified tradespeople is finding a group of customers to provide them with regular work. This is where Rated People comes in as a great resource to help you fill your diary and build a customer base.

A lot of our less experienced tradespeople have great skills, but it takes time to grow a reputation. By buying leads through Rated People, you can have your work rated by homeowners. Then, other homeowners can view your ratings and decide whether to hire you. Word-of-mouth was how it was done in the old days, but thanks to the amazing world of cyber space and some clever computing at Rated People, online ratings now rule the roost when it comes to building your reputation.

How much work can I get from Rated People?

Our less experienced tradespeople use Rated People for about 60% of their job leads. We know they rely on us and that’s great! We’re committed to supporting new talent and help you build your business.

If you’re starting out and could do with a little or a lot more work, join the Rated People community and we’ll help you grow.

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