Hire a decorator to launch summer style in your home

Although the British summer may have so far failed to live up to its billing, there is still plenty of time for the sun to appear and the blue skies to emerge. After all, we are barely half way through July, so there is still hope that a plethora of sunny days lie ahead over the coming weeks.

If they do, it is only natural that you will want to relax in your garden or host a dinner party in your dining room. Inviting friends and family over for a gathering is an important part of summer life and, while opportunities have so far been limited for most of us, it is vital that you are prepared when the weather does decide to provide the ideal conditions.

So what can you do to your home to get it in shape for such a bash? Well, hiring a local tradesman or two might just put you on the right track.

For instance, you could hire a gardener to revamp your green space, plant a few new shrubs, lay a fresh lawn and prune your trees and bushes. This is sure to create the perfect backdrop for any outdoor parties.

But that is not to say you should neglect the inside areas of your property. In fact, it could well be that you inspire a summery feeling in yourself and your guests by investing in the right interior designs and styles.

Jill Rice-Jones, a personal assistant at Montgomery, has spoken about some of the styles she believes are perfect for the current season. In fact, the expert identified a number of colours she recommends as staple summer shades that will reinvigorate any home.

“This summer sees a celebration of sunlight-bathed, Hockneyesque, colour with the spotlight on fuchsia pink, magenta red, citrus lime and violet blue. Lively designs, featuring stylised organic forms and a sense of energy and movement are complemented by this carnival of colour,” she stated.

With this in mind, you could use to find a qualified and respected painter and decorator who will be capable of implementing the aforementioned “carnival of colour” in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. And if it serves to get people in the mood for your seasonal festivities, their job will have been a success.

Taking a longer term view, making big changes to your home at this time will give you much more than an immediate aesthetic boost. In fact, if you are shrewd with your choices, home improvements can have a positive impact on the value of your property – a surefire advantage when you come to sell it.

While opinions will differ – and even other experts will offer various colours that they deem to be the perfect fit for summer – you stand to gain plenty if you are serious about home improvements and have an eye for style.

The help of a professional tradesman or two along the way will certainly not harm your bid to create a trendy and vibrant new-look abode.

Post details of your job on and wait for highly-recommended local decorators to get in touch with a quote.

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