Hire a gardener to launch winter planting spree

It is only natural to worry about your garden and how it is looking, particularly during the bleak winter months when rain lashes down and thick frost is not uncommon.

This makes the winter one of the most important times for looking after a green space, as care and attention at this time of the year can put it in good stead when the temperatures start to rise again.

One option is to hire a gardener for a spell in a bid to perk up plants, liven the lawn and help your flowers flourish.

Kate Bradbury of Gardeners‘ World Magazine, writing a piece for the Guardian, has claimed it is the perfect time to get planting ahead of the new season.

She said the current bare-root planting season is the ideal opportunity for introducing “wildlife-friendly shrubs and trees” to a garden.

“My tiny garden is distinctly lacking in trees and shrubs – especially those that benefit wildlife. So, to rectify the problem, I’ve just invested in some choice native perennials: a holly, a guelder rose and a dog rose,” Ms Bradbury explained.

Those of you who source a professional gardener and allow him or her to work on your land could reap the benefits of a similar set-up.

The author went on to suggest that her reason for choosing native plants was the fact they offer support to a wider variety of other species.

One of the results of doing this is that shrubs you have planted of this type will grow fruit that can be eaten by birds in the winter, provide holly for butterflies to breed in and create pollen and nectar for bees.

Leigh Hunt, principal horticultural advisor at the Royal Horticultural Society, recently said there is plenty for gardeners to be getting on with during the winter, with a focus on the lawn said to be a good idea.

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