Hire gardeners to create bird-friendly garden paradise

Bird lovers and homeowners who crave a beautiful green space on their land should consider using gardeners in Southampton to create their dream area.

Gardeners’ World Magazine’s Kate Bradbury, writing for the Guardian, said she has made sure her leisure space is ready to welcome birds and other creatures this winter.

She noted that while her borders appear “dishevelled”, they are in fact a source of rich nutrients for her feathered friends.

Hiring a professional could ensure such parts of a garden are both beautiful and wildlife-friendly.

Once the work is done, following in Ms. Bradbury’s footsteps by preparing feeders and water points could be a great way to encourage and foster a harmonious natural garden.

Shaun White of Norfolk Leisure said in September that there is currently a trend in the UK for outdoor living, which has resulted from the fact that many property owners are settling in one place for longer and taking the time to develop their gardens.

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