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When to Hire a Project Manager

For most jobs around the home you will simply need to hire the right tradesman for the job and let them get on with what they know and do best. But with larger projects, such as full renovations, self-builds, large extensions and even loft conversions, it can be advantageous to have one person whose job it is to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

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Why hire a project manager?

If you hire a project manager they can then hire the specialists, make sure everything runs to budget and do the snagging so that you don’t have to. They also make sure that the materials get bought and get to site, create a running order for the work and ensure that everything is cleaned up afterwards. If you are living in your house as it is renovated then your project manager will make sure that areas needed for living in are left clear and useable at the end of the day and that the water or electric is back on for you as needed.

A project manager is essential for large scale jobs when you are not confident dealing with tradesmen or if you have your own job to attend to. Some people who can manage these projects take a few weeks or even months away from work to project manage themselves, but it can be financially and practically prudent to get a professional in.

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Your project manager will most likely be an experienced builder, who has worked on a number of large projects. They may be undertaking some of the building work themselves, but their main role will be ensuring the smooth-running of the whole job. Having one person responsible in this way means that it is not down to you to chase the plumber, the electrician or plasterer about their part of a job. The project manager answers to you and everyone else answers to the project manager.

Having an experienced builder on hand as project manager means that they can deal with site visits from planning officers or building control, as well as making sure that any paperwork is in order. They can get the necessary sign offs and certification from your electrician or gas fitter, as well as keeping an eye on any aspects of the job that may need to be communicated to the local authority. They are your eyes and ears on site, which means that they make sure that loads are unpacked safely without breakages and that there is no shrinkage from on-site materials.

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How you organise the job is up to you, but you should ensure that you talk to your project manager at least every other day. This means that your questions don’t go unanswered and that budgets do not get out of control. You may also decide that your project manager looks after paying all of the tradesmen who are working on the job.

Always ask to meet a project manager if you have a big project in the offing. You will need to get on with them and trust them. If you don’t get this impression, then they are not the right person for your job, no matter how good they may be at the job itself.

Do feel free to ask to speak to previous customers or even sub-contractors that they have worked with, should you need extra assurance. After all, you don’t want to end up managing your project manager as well as the rest of the team on your building or renovation project. Trust is the starting point here and the very best project managers will be able to make you feel comfortable and confident in their abilities almost immediately.

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