A successful home improvement project

Today we’re introducing the fortnightly ‘Success and Impress’ blog post, a feature dedicated to highlighting home improvement projects. We’ve talked to home owners who have found quality tradesmen on Rated People, and now they’re ready to reveal their tradesmen’s work of art. If you’re anything like us, meaning you’re a bit of a home spy, this feature should tickle your fancy.

First up we have homeowner Nick Wyke, who’s a bit of a journalist celebrity. Nick is the food editor at and also founder of Looking to Cook, a great-looking website that reviews the UK’s and Ireland’s best cookery schools. In short, for opinions on anything food related, Nick is the man.

You would expect Nick’s home improvement project to revolve around his kitchen, but not so. The project in question, and the reason why Nick went on Rated People to find a local tradesman, was because he wanted to hang a modern fire in his living room. Here’s the lowdown on the completed work.

Tell us about the project

I had to run a gas pipe down from the front of the house to the living room and connect it to and hang a modern fire. It was quite a tricky job because it had to come down a level and I wanted the pipe to be discreet. We also had to be very careful that we didn’t drill through any existing electrical wires.

In three words describe your tradesman

Diligent, helpful and chirpy.

What was the best thing about using a rated tradesperson

It can be notoriously tricky dealing with tradesmen particularly if you’re dissatisfied with the job. It felt good to have the weight of Rated People and its user ratings system behind me, which would allow me the opportunity to praise or criticise my tradesperson accordingly.

Why did you use Rated People

When you live in a big city like London, you hear so many horror stories about building and plumbing rip-offs and horrific call out charges. Where do you start to look for someone if you don’t have a personal recommendation? It was quick, local, offered choice and a fair guarantee that a good job would be done.

What’s your idea of the ultimate tradesman

Friendly, expert, efficient, honest.

What would your dream project be

I’d quite like to have one of those cool cabins at the end of the garden but all rigged up with hot water and electricity. Also I’m thinking of extending the kitchen with a split-level glass roofed room.

Didn’t we know you wanted to improve your kitchen, Nick? Luckily you can find kitchen specialists on Rated People too, so your next venture is in safe hands. If you’re a homeowner, have used Rated People and want to submit some photos of your project, please get in touch at [email protected].




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