Home improvements ‘are cost-effective’

For a number of reasons, you can feel as though you have outgrown your current property. Whether it is down to the expansion of your family thanks to a new child or two, the need for a study in which to work from home or simply because you fancy some extra space, there is often a desire to move to a larger abode.

But this is not always the best option, an expert has suggested, with home improvements in order to expand your existing property perhaps the most cost-effective way of doing things.

Money saving expert Martin Lewis said he believes “staying and improving” is more efficient than paying out for a brand new pad. Of course, if done in the right way, it can add significant value to your home for a relatively small outlay.

“As consumers, we often get sold things based on the facilities that are listed for us. Actually, you need to turn it the other way. Whatever you’re buying, whether it’s furniture or design, you need to sit there and work out exactly what you want,” Mr Lewis stated.

Some of the ways you might like to consider improving your property include hiring a builder to add an extension, or a decorator to spruce up the interior.

Mr Lewis was speaking at the Ideal Home Show in London, which runs until April 1st and could provide you with some inspiration for the future of your dwelling. He urged you to work out exactly what you need and stick to it, rather than purchasing unnecessary items for the sake of it.

Comparing the prices of various items – such as the paint your decorator may use to breathe new life into your home – is also a move recommended by the expert, as he said being efficient when it comes to purchasing is a good move.

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