Home improvements ‘should be a balancing act’

When it comes to splashing out on home improvements, it is easy to see why many people get caught in two minds.

Of course, the initial temptation is to simply invest in whatever takes your fancy, whether it be your favourite colour, design or style, or simply a particular object that catches your eye. Another part of you might be thinking about the potential to sell on a home with the changes in place, so choosing certain features or improvements because they add value becomes an attractive option.

But in the opinion of one expert, a middle ground should be found that allows you to enjoy a home that you love while also remaining confident that you can sell it on when the time is right. Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It + Home Improvement Magazine, has spoken on the subject of securing the right home improvements at the right price.

She said that while it is inevitable any work – whether it is carried out by a builder, electrician or carpenter – will add value, it needs to add enough to offset the cost of having it done.

Ms DeSouza offered the example of spending £20,000 on a brand new kitchen. In some cases, this is a great idea, but to others – such as those where £20,000 will not be added to the value of the property and its occupants do not even use the room too much – it is a bad move.

“You need to think about what you’re going to use and what people are going to be looking for when you sell on the home and balance those against each other,” she stated.

Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, recently offered homeowners some advice when it comes to carrying out work on their properties. He said it is wise to get three quotes for any project before settling on a particular tradesman.

As well as focusing on the price, consumers might be wise to question professionals on exactly what they believe will add value to their dwelling, if Ms DeSouza’s focus on price is a shrewd one.

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