Home improvements ‘will lead to better sleep’

People who are struggling to nod off at night or maintain a high level of slumber throughout the hours of darkness may find home improvements hold the key.

The McTimoney Chiropractic Association has joined forces with Dunlopillo to issue advice on how to enjoy better shut-eye.

Britons are firstly advised to ensure they are laying their head on the pillow in a bedroom that is relaxing and calm.

Bedrooms should be well ventilated and without draughts, providing the perfect surroundings to aid sleep.

Interior designer Linda Barker recently recommended shades such as raspberry pink and teal blue as ideal for bedrooms.

Applying these to the walls could be the first step towards not only a more beautiful aesthetic appeal but vastly improved sleep at night too.

The organisations’ advice also included to sleep on one’s back or side and to invest in a bed and pillows that offer maximum comfort.

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